On a beautiful spring Saturday a great group of willing workers gathered to give the church a good cleaning.  Doug was the leader, and he had the checklists ready for all the jobs that had to be done.  Families arrived, armed with pails and rags and squirt bottles full of window cleaner.  Stephen power washed the exterior, Julia and Connor worked on windows, high and low. Landon swept away cobwebs, Nathan and Jacob handled all the baseboards,  Pastor Bart trimmed the shrubs, and Karen cleaned light fixtures.   Lucy, Maria, Olivia, Charis, Alexa, Kenzie,  Lindsay, Deb, Kathleen and Alaina washed windows and walls, while Jan and Yolanda got the kitchen sparkling. Josh, Dave, Micah, Jacob and Doug scrubbed the Fellowship hall floor. By about 10:30 we stopped for refreshments, and we were nearly finished.  Everyone worked cheerfully and together, and the church looked really good!  Thank you all who came out to serve!