Alpha Starts in February!

What is Alpha?
Alpha is a place where you can go to discuss some of your deepest questions. It is a fun evening of food and discussion, hosted at The River church.

Why should I go?
If you have found yourself questioning the meaning of life, or where your purpose lies – this is for you! If you are questioning the existence of God – come on out.

What does the evening look like?
The evening starts at 6:30pm with a great supper.
Next is a 30-min talk designed to engage and inspire conversation. Topics include “Is there more to life than this?” “Who is Jesus”, and “How can I have faith?”
After the talk is the most important part of Alpha: discussion time. It’s the chance to explore thoughts and ideas without being corrected or judged, with a small group of others. There’s no obligation to say anything; it’s an opportunity to hear from others and contribute your own perspective.

Is anything expected of me?
No! Alpha is for you. Just show up Wednesday, February 19 @ 6:30pm, ready to have fun, to explore faith, and connect with a community who has similar questions. Come check it out: you won’t be disappointed.

Where can I learn more?
If you’d like to find out more, or even preview one of the sessions, check out Alpha Canada’s website: