On Friday, March 25th, we met as a congregation for a general meeting. We were finally able to meet mask free, and sitting together.  Board Chair Stephen VanderKlippe opened our meeting with a devotion, prayer and a review of our past year. Cathy led us in a time of reflection and thanks for God’s blessings and answers to prayer. Nominations for the new board were approved, and then we enjoyed coffee and dessert.

After the break, we approved a motion to begin working toward a Global Partnership initiative through Resonate Global Mission. The Finance committee presented a budget for 2022 and it was passed. There was also agreement to support Moses and Karen Lubbers-Odel, on their new home/ministry center building project.

We ended the meeting with some reflection on what ministries/outreach opportunities we would like to look forward to again.  And Pastor Bart closed in prayer.

We found much to celebrate and be thankful for, even through the last two years with COVID.  God has remained faithful, and we thank Him for his goodness and grace to us, here at the MRCC.