Baptisms and Testimonies

With God’s power displayed beautifully on the frosty trees, we gathered together on Sunday, February 4th to celebrate God’s faithfulness.  Pastor Bart welcomed us to church, and the band led us in joyful worship songs.  Andrew and Michelle did Profession of Faith, and their baby daughter, Kylie, was baptized.  Olivia, Rueben and Landon also did their Professions of Faith, and everyone shared what Jesus means to them, and how they have seen Him working in their lives.  Rueben was also baptized by his father and Pastor Bart.  What a joyful moment!  It is always encouraging and exciting for us as a church family to witness these things, to see God’s faithfulness and love at work, and to see young people committing their lives to Him.

After the service, everyone enjoyed a time of fellowship and cake, of course!