Good Friday Service at the Maitland River Community Church.

Once again due to COVID-19 we are limited to 30% attendance (84 people) in the auditorium for worship services.  We are asking congregants to pre-register for the Good Friday April 2nd at 10:00 AM.  The first 84 who register will be seated in the Auditorium and those registered after that limit is reached will be seated in the Fellowship Hall to view the livestream.

Please remember that out of town friends and family are encouraged to view the livestream and not attend the in person service at this point

We apologize for the inconvenience and ask for your patience and understanding as we navigate the COVID-19 guidelines for worship services.

Reminder: due to Covid-19 restrictions please do not invite out of town friends or family to the service.
Enter the number of people from this household expected to attend