The Cub Car racing night is a big event in the Cadet calendar! About two months before, the boys receive their cub car kit.  It is hoped that the boys make the cub car with a significant male role model,  like a father, uncle, grandfather or older brother, to encourage relationship and mentoring.
The evening begins with the Cadet opening exercises and a devotion, geared to the boys, with the dads listening in.  The cars are all displayed and weighed, and judged on looks first.  Then the racing begins. This year we had Matt Elligson purchase a track timer from the States and he set it up and it was a real hit with the boys.
There are two trophies, one for the best looking car and one for the fastest car. There are also 2nd and third place ribbons.
After this, we have pizza and refreshments  and wrap up with the end of year prizes.  Every boy receives a camping or Cadet related article.
Thank you to Murray and all his group leaders for a great year!