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Sunday at The River!

Small Group Leader Training

Grand Opening Celebration!

Sunday, January 22nd, was our Grand Opening celebration!  The doors opened at 9 am, and greeters welcomed guests for tours and coffee.  It was a full house for our worship service at 10. Voices were lifted in joyful praise and worship. Pastor Henry encouraged us to be a church that welcomes in all people, even as Jesus invited Matthew, a hated tax-collector, to be His disciple. At the end of the service, Stephen Vanderklippe invited a few special guests to say a few words.  North Huron Reeve Neil Vincent gave his best wishes for the future.  The architect, Guy Bellehumeur and the Landmark builder, Rick Plantt, along with our church’s project coordinator, Doug Kuyvenhoven, were able to share about their good working relationship, and thoughts about the project.  After that, we enjoyed a great lunch and fellowship with each other, and the children had a lot of fun in the bouncy castle.  Indeed a day to celebrate all God’s goodness and faithfulness to us!  We look forward to the future with joy and anticipation!1 9 417 14 10 18 1921 20

New Year, New Start!

After the holiday break, ministry groups are starting their winter sessions.  And all are excited to begin meeting in the new building!

Men’s Life starts again on Monday nights at 7:45.  Women for Women and the Youth gather on Tuesdays at 7-9 pm.  GEMS, the young girls group, will be meeting on Thursday evenings 7-8:30.  If you are interested in joining a group, please contact the church at 529-357-4414 for more information. Various community groups like the Seniors Crokinold, and Band Jam, are also looking forward to having their gatherings in a spacious new facility.

After many months with our groups scattered here and there, we are so thankful for our new facility, and the space it provides. It is beginning to feel like home, and we are so thankful to God for his faithfulness and provision to us!1

Christmas Celebration

We gathered together on Christmas Day this year.  It was a special celebration of songs and scripture. Seth and William lit the Christmas Christ Candle and Phil Main sang a song to remind us that He is a Wonder.  Everyone brought forward a strip of cloth to prepare the manger, as we prepare our hearts to receive and welcome the Saviour.  Why did Jesus come?  To be the Saviour of the world, and that is what we remember and celebrate today!7-1 5-1 4-1 3-1 2-1 1-56-1

Dedication Sunday!

It was an exciting Sunday, December 18th,  our first service in the new building!  In a big circle around the auditorium, we dedicated each space for it’s special purpose. The children gave us the Christmas message in some fun songs.  We celebrated communion together, and lit the fourth Advent Candle. We sang and prayed and worshipped God for his great faithfulness to us.  The service ended in colour and confetti as we sang our theme song for the building project – Build Your Kingdom Here!  Then we all gathered in the fellowship room, where we enjoyed a delicious turkey dinner.  Special recognition was also given to the Building Committee members – Sarah Haanstra, Peter Teeninga, Brenda Kranenburg, Murray Ritsema and Doug Kuyvenhoven, who have given many hours of service to this project.  We are surely thankful for their contributions.  It was a great time, as the children checked out their new rooms, and people wandered around, taking it all in.  There is excitement and anticipation, as we think about the future, and how God will use us and this building to bring his Story to this community!17 9 12 14 4 2 1-2

A Special Sunday

On Sunday December 11th it was the Third Sunday of Advent.  We continued our series Advent Then and Now, with a sermon entitled “How is Jesus Coming?”  Susan and Sheryl lit our Advent candle, the candle of Joy.

We also welcomed Rev. Jack Whytock.  He was privileged to baptise his first grandchild, Malcolm George.  Malcolm is the son of Alistair and Jenny Whytock.

This was our last service at the Wingham Legion where we have been meeting during our building project. Special thanks was given to various people who set up chairs and sound equipment each week at the legion.  We had some very faithful volunteers!

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Building Project Update

The work is coming to completion at our new facility.  Lots of volunteers have been helping out with the painting, cleaning, installing the kitchen, flooring and sound equipment.  We are looking forward to our Dedication service on December 18th.1-1
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